Maintenance package for your Solar panels


At ESE Services we can give you peace of mind for the whole feed in tariff contract term and beyond by offering a comprehensive aftercare service to ensure your solar PV system is operating at its optimum performance year after year, protecting your return on investment.


What’s included in a solar panel maintenance Package?

Every system and client has different requirements, but here is an example of the service levels provided:

Annual Service Included
Worth £199

A comprehensive system health check/service
annually covers the following;
• Visual inspection of all panels
• Solar Inverters
• Inspect all inverters, ensure fully operational
• Check generation reading
• Check all cable connection
• Voltage and current check
• Photovoltaic module string tests
• Junction box, isolator, distribution board and cabling inspection
• Meter check
• Labelling/schematic check
• Energy production analysis
• Production of maintenance report
• Roof condition alert
• Check all cabling and connections from Solar PV system to mains supply











FREE Callout 

Help protect yourself from the cost of dealing with expensive electrical engineer charges.

Replacement or repair

of faulty electrical components. Have the peace of mind under the maintenance package that we are at hand.

Quarterly generation meter readings (Optional)

You can give in your quarterly generation meter readings for our records to highlight any trends or concerns with your PV systems performance
*FREE telephone support

Our experienced staff and electrical engineers are on hand to answer your queries.



ESE Services Ltd. do not offer a maintenance package on a landlord lease hold scheme through third party ownership, Please ensure you are the owner of your solar PV.

Our Accreditations speak for themselves

ESE Services Ltd is a MCS and RECC approved solar installer and we are accredited by NAPIT, governing body for all solar PV electrical maintenance. We are also a SMAS Worksafe Contractor.



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ESE Services Terms and Conditions of Domestic Solar Photovoltaic Maintenance Package.

1. These terms and conditions apply to the | Business First | 25 Goodlass Road | Liverpool | L24 9HJ

2. ESE Services Ltd is a MCS and RECC approved solar installer and we are accredited by NAPIT governing body for all solar PV electrical maintenance.

3. This agreement covers the cost of all parts and labour (including VAT) associated with any repairs required to ensure your solar PVsystem is in working order, there are no limits to the number of call outs you may have during this agreement.

4.We will carry out an annual inspection of your solar PV system on a yearly basis, we typically conduct your first health check within six months from the start of the agreement 

5.The health check will consist of a visual inspection of all panels and solar inverters to ensure they are fully operational, check generation reading, check all cable connections, voltage and current check, photo-voltaic module string test, junction box isolator and distribution board and cable inspection, meter check, labelling and schematic check, energy production analysis, production of a maintenance report which includes the roof condition alert report.

7.Annual health check visits will be carried out on an agreed date during normal working hours

8. Breakdown calls will be treated as a priority over service calls.

9. If we agree the breakdown is an emergency, we will respond always as a priority including weekends and public holidays

10. We aim to provide you with quality service that fits your requirements. If for any reason, you are not available for the agreed appointment time you should contact us at the earliest convenience to arrange an alternative appointment.

11. For new maintenance agreements, cover will start once we accept your application, subject to the successful processing of payment or Direct debit creation, any repairs that are required during the period before payment is received will be subject to a call out fee.

12. If your payments are in arrears at any stage your maintenance agreement will be void and subject to call out fees and costs of repairs

13.Payment must be paid by monthly direct debit. Unless the annual subscription has been paid in advance

14. Annual Subscriptions - ESE Services Limited will contact all customers to discuss your renewal on or around your subscription period end date and will continue to be subject to the original discount.

15. ESE Service Ltd maintenance agreement is a rolling agreement and you have the right to cancel this by giving 28 days’ notice. If you wish to cancel please put this in writing and send to Leighton McArdle, Operations Director at: ESE Services Ltd | Unit 25 | Business First | Business Centre | 25 Goodlass Road | Liverpool | L24 9HJ 

16. During your first health check inspection, our engineers will identify any remedial work required to bring your PV system up to our standards, any remedial work by us may be chargeable and therefore will be payable prior to this work being carried out, if you decline the remedial work we will cancel the agreement, with any monies paid refunded in full

17. This agreement only covers all the components that make up your solar PV system, this agreement does not cover existing roof repairs or damage to the property from the previous contractor.

18. If it is required to replace any parts to maintain your solar PV system we retain the right to do so using parts from a similar specification system. 

19. Should we replace your inverter due to a fault that cannot be repaired, We will use an inverter of identical specification as many of the inverters used over 3 years are no longer in production.


20. If a third party attempts to do any electrical work or general maintenance on your property that comprises your solar PV system this will not be covered and this may result in a charge to complete any corrective work.

21. As part of our maintenance service we reserve the right to contact you every quarter to take your generation meter readings to ensure you are getting the maximum from your solar PV system following any repairs that have taken place 

22. Upon a fault occurring and an engineer visits your property if solar panels are faulty or the inverter or micro inverters we will take ownership and liaise direct with the manufacturer where they are deemed under warranty and you must provide receipt and proof of purchase for us to do that, to arrange the products to be replaced and we will re install. 

23. If the junction box isolator, distribution board or wiring is faulty we will replace that immediately.

24. Under the terms of our maintenance agreement all engineer call outs are free of charge, this is covered under your maintenance agreement.

25. Systems installed under a rent a roof scheme or provided by a landlord are usually covered under a maintenance scheme provided by the owner of the system, it is your responsibility to check that you are not already covered before entering a maintenance agreement with ESE services limited.


26. We may assign or transfer all or any part of our rights to a subcontractor and obligations to this agreement without your consent, if they hold MCS accreditation's and are regulated under the electrical standards governing bodies. ESE Services Ltd will notify customers of any changes in writing with 28 days notice and your right to cancel will apply.

27. We reserve the rights to amend the terms and conditions of your solar PV system maintenance agreement. ESE Services Limited will notify you in writing of any changes and give you the right to cancel within 28 days of any changes made.

28. Any delay on our part enforcing any term and condition right or remedy in respect of this agreement will not be deemed to be a waiver of any such terms or conditions.

29. If both parties agree to cancel the agreement and you pay by direct debit we will stop the agreement after we have processed your next payment, you will be liable for any outstanding costs relating to any upgrades that have not been settled in full..

30. If scaffolding is required to access the roof this will be free of charge under the maintenance agreement.

31. ESE Services Ltd electrical engineer call out charge is a standard fee of £175 for the first hour and then £70 an hour therefore after, all customers who have a maintenance agreement will not pay for these charges, however if we conduct a repair on your domestic solar PV system and you cancel your direct debit without an agreed cancellation of the maintenance agreement you may be liable for these charges.

Customer Support:

32. As part of this maintenance contract all customers will have telephone support, upon any potential queries or faults occurring the customers must first ring our offices and we will then transfer the customer to a fully qualified electrical engineer to do a telephone diagnostic, this process must be completed before we would arrange an engineer call out.

33. Upon taking the maintenance agreement out all customers must provide us with the following information on their solar PV array system: date of installation, roof type ie: slate/concrete/rosemary/steel construction, size of system ie number of panels, make model number and serial number of inverter, and a current meter reading.

34. ESE Services Ltd does not accept any responsibility for the workmanship or the installation nor are we liable for your generation, from any work carried out from a third party including the original installation company.

35. ESE Services Ltd maintenance agreement is not an insurance policy or a warranty for your PV system.

36.  Annual maintenance cancellation: You are only entitled to cancel your maintenance within 14 days from the date of the initial payment



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