Mark - Wirral

After contacting a handful of solar PV installers with no success on my 2 new builds, I finally had success with ESE Services they were very professionally and installed 2 new solar build in systems which I specifically l wanted to complement my design.

The installation took 2 days and all the paper work was complete and packaged to a high standard.

Very happy customer would strongly recommend ESE Services .


Remedial work - Patrick Cheyne - Llanelli (Feb 2017)

Five years ago I had 17 Solar panels installed on our garage roof, to my frustration / dismay they put 9 panels on the south east side and 8 panels on the north west side. I have a single string inverter which means that the 8 shaded panels hold back the performance of the 9 on the good side. What frustrated me was that there was room for 14 panels on the good side, I tried several other solar panel companies but they could not offer me any viable solutions.

ESE services moved 5 panels across from the shaded side to the good side and fitted a micro inverter which coped with the 3 remaining panels left on the shaded side.

Jonathan and Macauley of ESE set out on a 5 hour journey to fix my panels and the first day they arrived it was raining and the metal box profile roofing was to dangerous to work on, I agreed 100%. They came back about a week later, another 5 hour journey and very efficiently and quickly they completed the work, very tidy even to the extent of removing the redundant old rails and brackets sealing all holes.

The best part is that I am now getting readings that belong in the summer, my daily readings for this time of year (February), are up 50%. I look forward to the summer when the new layout will realy crank up the generated readings.

I can highly recommend ESE and their inovative solutions, if only I had come across them earlier, I have gone into detail of what I have experienced in case like me you are a frustrated owner of a solar pv installation and looking for a solution to your problem.

Many thanks to all concerned,

Patrick Cheyne,
South Wales.


Pearl Attwood


“Following the installation of the Solax battery storage system from ESE services I have seen my energy bills reduce from £75 per month to £10 per month, this along with an improved Feed in tariff return for the last quarter have made me very happy, I am pleased that i invested in the system"

Mr Lee


I have had several dealings with the team at ESE services and each time i have found them most pleasant to deal with, I was interested in battery storage and upon a thorough check they were honest enough to tell me it was not in my best interests due to my system size and electricity consumption. I did opt for the PV+ as following the testing my incoming voltage was high and have seen increases to my generation on the back of this.




Mr Brackley, Liverpool August 2016

I had a solar Babe monitoring system installed by ESE Services, Johnathan the engineer was very helpful, and took time out to show me how monitor my PV array to the maximum.

Mr and Mrs Cunningham



Hi Gary,

Firstly, I would like to commend you on the service you provided me and my husband in relation to install of the PV+.

I must admit when we were first approached by ESE Services we were sceptical to say the least about this product and its claims, this was down to the position we have found ourselves in as we were unfortunately miss sold our PV solar system. However, against our better judgement we agreed for a consultation.

Me and my husband were very happy with the consultation, we really appreciated that Jonathan the technical director at ESE Services had taken the time to attend and explain in detail the benefits of the PV+ and gave us some really good advice on how to get the best out of the system, it is very refreshing to speak directly to a person who actually knows what they are talking about rather than having to deal with a pushy salesman.

We have had our PV+ installed for over 6 weeks now and are delighted with the results so far as we can already see an increase in generation.

We are very satisfied with the whole experience and would highly recommend ESE Services, we found you to be very professional and efficient. We feel we have really benefited from all your experience and knowledge within the solar industry and are grateful for all the advice and support you gave us in relation to our existing system.

Keep up the good work.

Many Thanks

Mrs D. Cunningham

Mrs Judy Bailie


In September 2012 we had solar panels installed and in March 2013 we noticed that the inverter had ceased to work.  On trying to contact the installation company we found, to our horror, that they had gone into liquidation.  Fortunately at that time the warranty for the inverter was still in date and Samil Power supplied a replacement.  We spent a considerable amount of time getting an experienced engineer to fit this replacement.  We began to get worried plus we felt that our electricity bills were no better with the solar panels than before.  We had been led to believe that the bills would be reduced and the feed-in-tariff payments would be excellent!

In July this year in desperation we took out a maintenance package for the solar panels with ESE Services Ltd. at a cost of £19.99 per month.  In October  we noticed yet again that the inverter had ceased to work.  I immediately phoned ESE, spoke to Leighton who organised an engineer to call THAT day.  At that time we also realised that the graphene hot water system was not working and subsequently found out that the company who installed this had also gone into liquidation!  The electrical engineer explained that we needed a PV Plus optimisation unit and this could be installed within a week along with the new inverter.

Jonathan, electrical engineer for ESE, kindly called the following day and fitted a 16 amp fuse to the water tank and within four hours we had hot water!

At the beginning of November Jonathan fitted the new inverter and PV Plus Optimiser and immediately we began generating.  What a relief!

We cannot thank ESE Services Ltd. enough for the way they handled our breakdown.  They were extremely friendly, efficient and professional and they explained what was happening all the way through.

We would recommend ESE Services Ltd to anyone.  We were more than satisfied with the way they handled the situation and £19.99 per month is a small price to pay for peace of mind!

Thanks again

Judy Bailie


I was recommend ESE Services through a work collage who recently had a solar PV system fitted by them.

Upon calling ESE Services I booked a home visit, I now have a 2.6kw with a Zeversolar investor.

Very professional company, they booked an appointment arrived on time very well presented completed a full energy survey on my property  with a solar design talk through my options and the following week I had my system installed.


I'm a very happy customer.

Mrs Johnson

Gerald Smyth

I received a call a few weeks ago about a new product called PV+. I was advised it could increase my tariff by up to 20%. To be honest, I didn't really believe it, but I arranged a consultation anyway just to see what they had to say. I was genuinely impressed. The guy Jonathan explained everything to me about all the benefits, and he done a once over of the system to make sure it was all working OK.
Very professional service with honest and friendly staff.


Mr Clifford Wright


I am very happy with the PV+ system I purchased from E.S.E. Services Ltd They sent me over information about the product before my appointment so I could do research. The engineer who came explained everything and showed me how it would increase my tariff. Since then I have had no problems and I am happy with the service.